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My name is Gernene and I am Afro-indigenous residing in Tongva Land (Los Angeles). I started creating hair + skin medicine because of inessential ingredients I found in our every day store bought products. Every product I used had toxic, environmentally harming ingredients that also dried my hair + skin, irritated my scalp, and never moisturized my hair + skin.

Our goal is to create products that will gently cleanse, protect, moisturize hair + skin made with natural/organic/ph-balanced formulas. As well as grow and strengthen our hair. Our products are made carefully in small batches to give each product the love and care it deserves. What we all have in common is that our hair/body/soul loves natural ingredients straight from planet earth.

In Gya, we also connect with our environment and use ingredients that our ancestors have used. Knowing that these amazing plantitas (plants), hierbas (herbs), frutas (fruits), and vegetales (vegetables) have major medicinal and beneficial properties.

Our source is Pachamama, Mother earth, which provides us with it all. It is incredibly important to us that we know how the ingredients we use impacts the planet and how it supports the communities that plant, cultivate, and harvest them. Please join us in this exciting journey and nourish your hair, body, and soul with nothing but love and pure intention.

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Christina Smith

What can I say !!!!! Absolutely love the Jugo de Nopal shampoo. I love the way it makes my hair look so healthy and full. I highly recommend it. Must try Gya organic.

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