^Awajún Choker

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 Inspired by the Awajún people.

 Awajún are an indigenous people located in the northern part of the Peruvian Amazon. 

In the Awajún universe, producing art is the product of a dynamic relationship between knowledge, ritual, and mythical narration.

In their worldview, there are three powerful beings: Nugkui (spirit of the earth), Etsa (spirit of the forest) and Tsuqki (spirit of the water).

‍This population is in danger due to the contamination suffered by their ancestral territories due to extractive activities such as illegal mining for the extraction of gold in the Cenepa River.

Adjustable length: 14 - 18 inches

Handmade Wooden Wired Choker
All jewelry is one of a kind and delicate.
Sustainably made.