Montaña Dry Shampoo

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Great for in between wash days. It absorbs oils and eliminates impurities. This beautiful blend of clay and botanical minerals refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly.

 Key ingredients:

Bentonite Clay- Contains essential minerals that naturally cleanses and detoxifies the scalp.

ArrowrootNaturally removes excess moisture from the hair and scalp. 

Tea Tree Oil-  Has antiviral and antiseptic properties that provides relief from itchy and excessively oily scalp. 

Rosemary-  Has stimulating and revitalizing properties that help condition both hair and scalp. It increases manageability and adds shine.


1. Use a powder brush to apply a small amount of powder on roots.            

2. With your fingers, massage, fluff and style your hair as usual. Wait 3-4 minutes for the powder to absorb oils and dust away any extra powder.      

3. Use a comb to distribute dry shampoo evenly, if needed.                         

***Use in between Shampoo washes when the scalp gets oily or after a work-out. But do not substitute. It is still critical to wash your hair with Shampoo every now and then.***

Customer Reviews

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It’s my first time using dry shampoo so most of my struggles are just as a first time user. But overall it’s been a nice experience and my hair feels less oily during non wash days

Love love

Bought for my daughter. Super product. Works great. Smells wonderful. This is our second order. Love all their products!!

One of a kind

I have honestly tried a lot of dry shampoos, since I don’t wash my hair after every workout. This dry shampoo has worked the best for me. It doesn’t leave me feeling sticky and greasy in the scalp.