Beard Oil

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The anti-oxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids in the oils combined in this formula will hydrate, soften coarse hair, strengthen, and condition your beard. It also promotes hair growth.

Solar and lunar infused.

 Key ingredients:

Castor Oil: contains ricinoleic acid that help strengthening strands and promotes stronger hair growth.

Tamanu Oil- Contains essential fatty acids that promotes hair growth and moisturizes both hair and skin. 

 Ritual: For shine, apply as needed.

As a beard treatment, apply roots and ends for an hour (or overnight) then cleanse thoroughly. At least 2-3 times a week.

Ingredients: Rosemary and Sorrel infused Tamanu oil*+, Castor oil*+, Jojoba Oil*+, Cedarwood Oil*+, Rosemary CO2 extract*+




All ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced.